Home and the warmth of dear friends

Tuesday, December 23, 2104

After a few fun-filled days over at Caye Caulker, it was time to head “home” to Ambergris Caye (in case you missed that post, click here). Before jumping onto the 11:15am Caye Caulker Water Taxi for our 25 minute boat ride, we grabbed breakfast at a different location today called The Spot. We certainly made sure Paul had his dive bag this time, then off to the dock. As we waited, a local musician named Dan Man came up to us, chatted a bit, then pitched his CD that he was selling. Maybe it was his sweet personality or good looks and even better smile that won me over, Continue reading

Going slow on Caye Caulker

It was so FANTASTIC to be back in Belize since our last trip in December, 2013!!!  We usually go for a week, but Paul and I discussed and decided on 2 weeks this trip. Planning began way back in April with thoughts and ideas of where to go and what to do.  Because of this being a longer than usual trip, we have a LOT of fun stories and pictures to share with you.  So, this trip will be broken up in to several different posts.  To view them all, click on the hashtag “trip4” at the end of this post.

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