Snail mail and the Shanghai Simian

Towards the end of our last post, I hinted at receiving some (snail) mail.  The thing is, it’s more of a selfish request at our end, but now, for a different reason.  Our new home needs some love from back home and sprucing up.  As some of you already know, we have a gigantic version of this hanging in our living room back in Cleveland…

Sure, we could fill it with trinkets from our adventures here (we already have something in place for that), but we’d rather have home made goodies from you to fill the 6″ x 4.5″ pockets! Your artwork. An old photo with you and us. A letter. A favorite memory jotted down on a bar napkin from where we shared a drink. An original Haiku. Anything monkey related. A drawing by your kid. A paw print from your furry kid. A crochet drink coster. An obscenity in needlepoint. A post card. A USB filled with awesome tunes. What ever…you get the whole homemade/ personal idea! I mean, come on… just look at our sad, pathetic mail box on the entrance to our entry hall we’ve dubbed “The Iron Curtain.”

And as an update, do NOT send it to our Lakewood address as it’s a complicated mess to get it here.  Send me a message and I’ll get you our address here. There’s a lot of miles between us, but to receive something from home would mean the world to us!

Oh, and not too sure if there are groundhogs here, but the Shanghai Simian saw his shadow yesterday! That means 12 more months in Shanghai! (Thanks Nick!)

2 thoughts on “Snail mail and the Shanghai Simian

  1. Hi, Michelle & Paul!! We would love to have your address. I have something to send, and if you know me, I am a staunch supporter of snail mail!!! 😉 Love reading about your adventures!

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