Our new address = MUCH happiness!

After looking at 11 different properties, discussing which best suits our wants and needs, exploring what the location has to offer and selecting our top 3, there was one that clearly stood out for the both of us. If you recall, 3 weeks ago (on January 8th), we went house hunting. You can read all about it here.  Before I spill the beans on which location we went with, let me show you a few Continue reading

Xiaolongbao, flowers galore and a trip to the hospital!

In our previous blog post, we mentioned our stellar relocation counselor named Claire. Yesterday, we had the opportunity to spend a full day of city orientation with her. I can’t even express our excitement leading up to this day! Claire showed up at our (temporary) apartment at 9:30am…ready with an awesome map she had written all over of things to do and places to go that she thought would be of interest to us as well as Continue reading

Searching for a place to call home

With Paul’s job relocation, we’re allotted 60 days in temporary housing, so we made sure to jump on the hunt right away! Prior to our feet hitting the ground on January 3, we’ve been in contact with the home search coordinator from the relocation company. She asked us a few questions to get a feel of what we liked and wanted. Having at least 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, outdoor living space, no high rise and amongst as many locals as possible is key for us. We were then emailed a map, with Paul’s office and my school plotted, along with Continue reading

Adventures in grocery shopping!

Although we arrived 3 days ago with a small basket of fruit in our place, that wasn’t nearly enough food to curb those “hangry” moments that we both suffer from now and then. So on Monday, it was off to the grocery store(s).  We did a little research of supermarkets in the area and went to the front desk to have our choices written out in Hanzi (written Chinese) to show our driver, Mr. Jia.  He knows about as many words in English as we do in Mandarin, but that doesn’t matter…Google Translate and Pleco App to the rescue!  It’s fun to muddle through conversation with him Continue reading

Shanghai: The First 24 Hours

With a 3:00am wake up, a 4:00am driver pick up and a 6:00am flight time, we were on our way to Shanghai!  Our route took us from Cleveland to Newark (with a 2 hour and 22 minute layover) then a direct flight eastward bound to our new home.  Our driver showed up 10 minutes early…which was nice and all, but it cut in to our saying bye to Gomez time.  Which sucked.  I mean reeeeeally sucked.  I was an udder mess and Paul was using his sleeve to wipe away his tears.  Continue reading